William Golding's Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is William Golding's dystopian classic and a high school English throwback.  This novel about a group of British school boys stranded on an undeveloped island in the midst of nuclear war questions the essence of human nature as readers watch the rise and fall of the boys as they attempt to create order despite being wholly disconnected from society.  With spring in the air and Coachella this weekend, why not put your subversively bohemian (but admittedly very expensive) cow hide shorts to better use, and try out a Lord of the Flies inspired pig roast or cocktail hour?  We'll bring the conch, you take care of the pig's blood.  #TBT

1. 2011 Perigee Centennial edition

2. still from the 1963 film

3. From the 1958 Faber and Faber edition

4.  Perigee Books, 90’s edition

5. 1999 Penguin Books edition “Great Books of the Century”

6. illustration by Houston Trueblood Studio

7. still from the 1990 film
















Illustration by Brooklyn artist Sam Weber

Illustration by Brooklyn artist Sam Weber