Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird is practically a national treasure, and one of those classics that can be read over and over.  This #TBT,  why not whip up some homemade fried chicken and a slice of Scout's favorite cake while watching the 1962 film with Gregory Peck?  For bolder folks, Design Sponge suggests reimagining one's decor and fashion choices in the style of the book here.  (Is that what Alexa Chung was thinking?  #damnshesgood)  Just don't go too low budget as you want to keep your job/spouse and probably some modern amenities.  Check out some great original book covers below, and don't forget that this book isn't just an excellent piece of literature; it also holds credit as the original source of one of the world's greatest halloween costumes (and a score of comical homemade knock-offs).


Here's a pretty cool video Spark Note about the book:



Then there's Thug Notes, earmuffs for chidren:




1. from here

2. cool vintage look with this one

3. creative reinterpretation here

4.  the classic


Ham. Be careful when walking home.


The internet is full of inspiring attempts to rival the film's ham costume and some are actually closer to what is described in the text.  

like this

or this, pretty perfect

Also, this a fail fails



Then there is this, so close, but so far away.