Books to Give, or to Get You Through the Holidays

A diverse personal bookshelf is a sign of astuteness.  The modern reader generally requires different materials for different occasions, which is why the wisest book lover travels with multiple options.  There should be no shame in tucking Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tina Fey, Nicholas Sparks and Ludwig Wittgenstein together in one's carry on, or in sliding a copy of Cat Fancy next to them.  While voices calling out from the world's ivory towers may attempt to convince one otherwise, it is worthwhile to note that, when heard from the ground, these voices are barely perceptible whispers. 

To delve into Young Adult literature as an adult requires just this sort of insouciance, and also the desire to read purely for pleasure.  What better time to indulge in the satisfaction of an all-consuming read than the holiday season: a time of year as marked by joy and reverence as it is by mania-fueled cleaning sprees, the constant pressure to maintain a seasonal smile, and the burden of potentially annoying houseguests.  Me time is the necessary fuel to one's fire of holiday cheer, which may mean this isn't the best time of year to tackle Antinomies of Art and Culture.  Rather, the circumstance demands a book that can't be put down, even if one's fundamental need for food and sleep must be compromised.  The world of Young Adult books is rich with such titles, many of which are hidden treasures too often ignored by adults fearful of treading into a genre for younger readers.  

Whether for yourself or a loved one, entertainment makes an excellent gift.  In the case of YA books for adults, the real gift may be turning a friend or loved one on to an absorbing read that they may not have thought to purchase for themselves.  And what's more seasonal than passing on a bit of good advice?  To get the ball rolling, the below list is our bit of holiday advice to you: twenty-four fantastic YA reads from the classics to The Hunger Games.  Cheers!