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Carthage, the latest novel from Joyce Carole Oates, is just the sort of mental drama she is best known for. Fans will find Carthage a familiarly satisfying read; like many of Oates’ novels, Carthage is literary without being overly complex, philosophical in a way that adds depth yet remains readable, and is written with the eloquence one might expect from a winner of two O.Henry Awards, the National Book Award, and the National Humanities Medal.   

What to Do Between Episodes of Downton Abbey

Books by The Countess of Carnarvon

Downton Abbey devotees were graced with the much-awaited first episode of season four Sunday evening.  In the days following, many have found themselves confronting a forgotten quandary: how to cope with traditional week-to-week television scheduling.

Book Review: Just Kids

Patti Smith is untouchably cool.  Her diverse body of creative accomplishments speaks for itself: Smith is a talented visual artist, musician, poet, and as the 2010 publication of her memoir Just Kids revealed, prosaist.  Few artists cross disciplines as adeptly as Smith, and few do so a

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